You Can't Play This Game On Milk & Cookies!

“You can’t play this game on milk and cookies!”

Those were the words of a minor league manager about 20 years ago, hearing about his star player’s late-night exploits the night before.

Baseball is full of colorful characters and colorful quotes. One of the all-time greats came from Cubs outfielder Hack Wilson, who in 1930 set baseball’s all-time single-season RBI record with 191.

Manager Joe McCarthy had become increasingly irritated by Wilson’s late-night debauchery, which was legendary. One morning, he called the slugger into his office and closed the door. On his desk were two clear drinking glasses – one filled with water, the other with whiskey.

McCarthy dropped a live, squirming worm into the water, and watched it squirm. He dropped the second worm into the whiskey, and it immediately went stiff and died.

McCarthy looked up at Wilson and asked, “So what does that tell you?”

“Well,” replied the hung-over slugger, “It means that as long as I keep drinking, I won’t catch worms!”
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