New York Super Bowl Freeze Out

With next year’s Super Bowl looming for New York, all the talk in the Tri-State area is about the possibility of frigid, near-zero temperatures for the big game.

Will fans stay home? Will they pay exorbitant prices to freeze their pigskins off in early February?

The question may not be aimed so much at the fans as it will be the media.

Fans will come out, they always do. Especially for the Super Bowl. And they will pay – and overpay – a pretty penny for the privilege to do so.

It’s the media and sponsorship world that will voice their disapproval. After all, they do the Super Bowl thing every year, and it’s always in a nice, warm place. The working media deserve the best of the best, right?  How can they go from Bourbon Street to East Rutherford?

Fans, they just yearn to be in the stadium, or within a hundred miles of it. They’ll camp out in the cold, make snow angels in their undies or walk barefoot across an icy Garden State Parkway just to get near a Super Bowl. After all, by noon many of them won’t feel the cold anyway.

Fans will pay to attend, and they’ll have a blast. It will be a day New Yorkers will not forget. Those of us not paying will be the ones yapping about the cold.