A Ballplayer Who Wet The Bed

The following is one of more than 80 stories told in Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues

Baseball is famous for its practical jokers and one of the best we’ve had in Salt Lake was one particular relief pitcher. Unfortunately for this pitcher, one his best pranks was an expensive one for him.

The team was in Vancouver and he waited for a couple of his teammates to leave their room. After the coast was clear, he somehow was able to get into it and proceeded to remove the sheets and blanket from one of the beds. He then took the mattress off of the bed and took it into the shower where he completely soaked it. After he was done, he put the mattress back on the box springs and then made the bed as neatly as the maid that worked in the hotel.

A while later, the two teammates made it back to their room for a mid-day nap. Well, when one of them laid down he went “squish”. He sank down into the cold wet mattress and become soaked as well.

This pitcher had a great laugh until the hotel sent him a bill for $400 to replace the ruined bedding.

-Steve Klauke, Voice of the Salt Lake Bees

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