Al Michaels In A Landslide

Your voices were heard loud and clear, and it was a landslide.

In last week’s poll, you voted Al Michaels as the NFL’s best television play by play broadcaster.

The results were as follows:

Al Michaels 61%

Jim Nantz 16%

Mike Tirico 11%

Joe Buck 6%

Gus Johnson 4%

Other 2%

Your reasons for choosing Michaels were enthusiasm and knowledge.

Michaels is always on top of the game, the situation, the rules and the flow of the action. He lets the game come to him. Michaels speaks the fan’s language, with the ability to dissect a situation with great complexity.

Al Michaels’ has a sense of humor, however he doesn’t seem to force it. That was one criticism of Joe Buck.

While the margin was somewhat surprising, it made complete sense why our voters went with Al Michaels in a huge way.

Any attributes I left off?

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