A Tool Every Baseball Broadcaster Needs

There was one tool that every baseball announcer CANNOT live without.  Without this tool, you would lost on the air.  You would have no clue.  The game would fly by you and your career would end before it ever got started.

What is this one indispensable tool?

Your scorebook, of course.

Whether it's the back of a napkin, or a top-notch, professional quality scorebook, it is the one tool you absolutely must have.  A necessity to help you keep up with the rosters, game history and storylines.

I've used many scorebooks in my day.  As a teen I used to keep score of games on TV and radio with the basic book you can buy from any sporting goods store.

My broadcasting life changed one day, however, as my broadcast partner, Bill Rogan, bought me my very first Bob Carpenter scorebook.  From that day in the mid-90's, I've never broadcast a baseball game without this book.

I've never met Bob Carpenter, and I don't benefit in any way from this recommendation.  It just happens to be the very best scorebook I've ever used.  The book's layout is exactly as you would wish, with plenty of room for customization.  Large writing areas, ample room to keep you organized during that five-hour, 16-inning affair.

The best part about this book - all kinds of extra room for tidbits.  As I always say, tidbits make a broadcast, and in baseball you need a ton of them.  Interesting facts, figures, stories and anecdotes that make a ballgame a joy to listen to.  Bob Carpenter's scorebook has more than enough room to keep you going.  Add in a few hours of pre-game prep and you're all set.

This may not be the best book, but it was for me.  Check it out, it may help.

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