Keep Your Focus On The Field

I received a tweet yesterday that I disagreed with completely.

The author was thrilled that a football television broadcast included so many great crowd shots during the exciting game. Philosophically, I couldn’t disagree more.

A broadcaster’s role is, in a sense, to put the viewer in the seat next to you at the game. What can I do to make the viewer feel as though he is sitting in the arena? How can I make them feel as if they are at the game?

I’ve been to many an exciting game in my day, both as a fan and as a broadcaster. I can honestly say that – with the exception of an occasional high-five – I hardly ever scan the crowd looking to see how other fans are reacting. Since I’m at the game, I’m watching the game. That’s precisely why I’m there! I’m not wasting my time watching how fans are reacting to the game that I paid to watch myself.

That’s not to say an occasionally crowd shot – during down time – shouldn’t be a value added to the telecast. But in spots, and not intrusively placed.

Next time you’re at a game, look around. Are fans constantly turning their heads, gazing into the crowd, rather than onto the field? Nope, they are watching the game. That is why they are there! The telecast should reflect the occasional glance, rather than the over-used shots of crazed fanatics.

Your job as a broadcaster is to facilitate as much of that feeling when your viewer is at home.

Am I wrong?
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