Chris Spatola

More than a decade ago, I called games for Army Basketball at West Point. 
The team was mediocre, at best.
The players and coaching staff were first-rate - excellent people and leaders.  As a broadcaster, they treated me extremely well, as if I was one of the team.

It was a great experience being around these guys and traveling with them.  I could feel the respect these Cadets garnered upon entering each opposing arena - especially places such as Duke, Ohio State and N.C. State.  These Black Knights were true leaders, much more than most so-called "student athletes."

During my final season at West Point, Chris Spatola was the team's starting point guard.
It was a pleasure to watch him and Coach Pat Harris get the most out of their team. 
Legendary Author John Feinstein even chronicled that Patriot League season in his book, The Last Amateurs
Today Spatola works as a television college basketball analyst, as well as in numerous roles connected to Duke University's basketball program.  It has been fun watching his career from afar, and following his thoughts on Twitter.
Follow his work here if you have a chance. 
He is a fine product of the United States Military Academy, and a terrific reminder of my exciting seasons calling games for Army Hoops.
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