Release of new book - Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues

It's a thrill to be joining Bill Rogan and the Artificial Turf radio program this Sunday, December 23, at 10:51 Eastern, on KNUS Radio, Denver.  You'll be able to listen live HERE.

The new book Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues should be available just in time for Christmas orders from Amazon.  Click here for info!  It is a great last minute gift.

Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues is a unique minor league baseball book that documents dozens of unbelievable baseball moments from around the country.

Baseball fans have always wanted to know what really goes on behind the scenes. They've always wished to travel with the team and witness the circus-like atmosphere that often describes minor league baseball. Fans have needed a place to turn to read about so many of these untold tales.

Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues shares the most gut-splitting and jaw-dropping stories from minor league baseball, as told by over 20 professional broadcasters from around the nation! Hear about superstar names - such as Michael Jordan, Tommy Lasorda, Josh Hamilton and David Ortiz - as well as countless others who have been part of some of the most amazing baseball moments, both on and off the field!

Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues gives readers a firsthand account of some of the most eye-popping minor league baseball moments, from the broadcasters who were there firsthand. Truly a collector's item for baseball fans of all ages!

More more info on how to download the book to your iPhone or computer, please click here!

I'm looking forward to appearing on the Turf Sunday night!  I hope you'll join us.

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