A Shocking Post-Game Trade

Most radio broadcasts in minor league baseball follow much the same format as any radio broadcast you’ll hear for your local major league team. A typical night on the air will consist of a pregame show, actual game broadcast, and postgame show. The postgame usually consists of a scoring recap, interview and perhaps a look ahead to tomorrow’s game. One really unique thing about minor league baseball is that teams often pipe the radio feed into the home clubhouse, where they can hear the entire broadcast, especially the post-game show.

Late one season while broadcasting for a pretty mediocre club, my broadcast partner and I masterminded a fun idea. The players on the club often commented that they listened to our postgame show on a boom box in the clubhouse while showering up after the game. Not that we could ever pull it off, but we envisioned how great it would be to somehow create a “fake” postgame show. As the season progressed and the team fell further out of the playoff hunt, we passed the time by honing our idea. We didn’t want to just do it…we wanted to do it right and make it a most memorable postgame extravaganza. Late in the season, we decided to try to put our plan into motion.

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