Oncoming Train in the Minor Leagues

WHACK! The team was startled awake as the bus came to an abrupt halt. It was almost 3 a.m., and the Hudson Valley Renegades baseball club was driving somewhere in New York State after a late-night contest in central New York. “What the heck was that?” I thought. “What is going on?”

Trying to open their eyes in a sleepy daze, players’ heads began to pop up. To the right I saw a bright, solitary light. As the light grew larger, I could place the loud, familiar rumble. Then we heard even louder honks from a deep horn. Our team bus was on a train crossing, and the WHACK had been the train crossing arm coming down right on the bus, approximately over the third aisle of seats.

“What the heck are you doing!” yelled a player from the back. “Back the bus up!” The driver, seeming oblivious to the panicked cries from the passengers, didn’t make a move. By now, we were all awake and most were probably wondering, “Is this it?” The train came hurtling toward us, and the screams from throughout the bus got louder.

What happened next?
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