A Broadcaster's Christmas

A few weeks ago, a broadcaster dropped me a tweet from the Baseball Winter Meetings in Nashville.  His question was simple.  "How do I get started?"

I recently posted some effective steps for new broadcasters to break into the industry.  Click here to view the full post.

As a follow up, here is just a quick point about sacrifice.  The sacrifice you'll need to make to break into the broadcasting business.  For many, it includes working for free.  And working holidays, and birthdays, and inconvenient times when your friends are out partying like normal 20-somethings.  If you want to work on air, or in media, you must choose to build your career rather than enhancing your social life.  Not all the time, but often enough.

In 1994 I received a phone call on Christmas morning.  A friend at NBC TV in Manhattan needed a warm body to help log tape in the NBC Sports studios that night from 5pm to midnight.  I quickly cancelled my Christmas plans and hopped a train down to NYC to work my first of what turned out to be years of shifts at NBC - followed later by ABC Sports as well.

That was the Christmas sacrifice I made that day.  To be in the broadcasting business, you may have to make your own similar choices as well.

For those in the industry, how did you sacrifice as a youngster to further your career?
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