Nonstop Cliches From The Booth

How can you tell the lazy sports broadcasters?
Just count the cliches and crutch phrases.

Sports broadcasting is no different than any form of communication - be as clear and concise as you can to increase the precision with which your message resonates.  Simple, right?

So why, then, do sports fans constantly hear their favorite broadcasters spewing nonstop cliche and crutch words?

Some examples....

"He's just not on the same page with his catcher."
Are they in a book club together?

"Tonight they need to give 110%"
Is there such a thing?

"They really stepped it up in crunch time"
Up to where?  Is it Nestle Crunch?

"Jones on the right, passes now to Davis left baseline"
When else would it be?

"We've got a great game here tonight"
Where else would it be?

"Now we send it down to Joe with our player of the game"
"Thanks Dave, I'm here with....."
What are you thanking him for?

"Well, this team just didn't show up tonight"
Really?  Was it a forfeit? 

"Defense wins championships"
 Not if the other team plays slightly better defense.

"The game is on the line"
The clothes line?

OK, you get the picture. Much of what we sports fans and broadcasters actually say during and about our favorite sport is complete nonsense. 

What are your favorite - or least favorite - sports cliches?
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