How To Broadcast A Dog

Sometimes the game just plain stinks!  There's nothing you can do.  You prepare, you plan, you prepare some more.....and then when the lights go on, the game is an absolute DOG!
This year's Super Bowl XLVIII was a reminder that, as a broadcaster, a main part of our job is to prepare as though the game will be a blowout.  Most competent voices can call a close nail-biter, but it's the real pro's pro that can make a yawner seem important or, dare I say, exciting.

I often hear one particular critique of Joe Buck (who we happen to think is terrific).  It's that he's too cutesy and over-pushes the comedy.  I don't quite agree with that criticism, however in a blowout this "weakness" could be considered a strength.  This is when personality and, even to a greater degree, the value you bring from thorough preparation carries the day.
Buck is usually stellar, and Super Bowl XLVIII gave him another chance to prove it.  Woof Woof!
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