Kiner's Korner

Ralph Kiner was everything that makes baseball special.  From his slugging career to his grandfatherly commentary, Ralph Kiner made you feel connected to the game.
So much has been written about Kiner this week.  A lengthy tribute so well deserved.
One of his most well-known broadcasting insights was that "Two thirds of the earth is covered by water; the rest is covered by Garry Maddox."
He always gave the viewer an honest answer, sprinkled with anecdotes and experiences.
When asked why he didn't choke up on the bat, Kiner said, in his ever-honest style,
"Cadillacs are down at the end of the bat."

For so many fans and broadcasters, Kiner was a connection to baseball's glorious past.  Thankfully, his impact will endure for years to come.
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