How To Be A Lousy Host

Saw a tweet recently that reminded me of a sage piece of broadcasting wisdom.

The tweet simply read, "Knicks hosting Bucks"

I was reminded of my days at Fordham University, during one of our Tuesday sportscasting sessions with legendary broadcaster/coach Marty Glickman.

If the Knicks are "hosting" the Bucks, are they laying out a decadent spread of tea and crumpets?  Serving wine and cheese, or an Italian feast?  Are they meeting the Bucks at the curb and lugging their luggage into MSG?  Putting them up in the guest room with a fresh set of linens and towels?

Marty was a stickler for the language.  He wanted broadcasters to be genuine and precise.

Last week, after my post nitpicking an Erin Andrews' sideline report, I received a tweet basically calling me a sportscasting stickler.  Agreed.

Good point to think about, though.  Unless you are satisfied being just another broadcaster, doing just another sportscast, and saying the Knicks are "hosting" the Bucks.  Just like every other broadcaster.
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