Football vs. Baseball

"In football the object is to march into enemy territory and cross his goal.  In baseball the object is to go home."
-George Carlin

Certainly the sports are quite different, and those differences also stretch up to the broadcast booth.

Some broadcasters excel calling a fast-paced football game, while others thrive weaving anecdotes and tidbits into a leisurely baseball broadcast.   As we see so often, success for the broadcaster in one doesn't necessarily correlate to success in the other. 

In football, the action pretty much dictates your call.  With baseball - especially on radio - your preparation often dictates the quality of your call.  Add to that, we all have our strengths and comfort zones.

Joe Buck is perhaps the best on television at bouncing successfully from baseball to football.  Who else fits this category? 

And by the way, one poll shows a majority of fans feel that football has eclipsed baseball as our national sport.  Good cases to be made for each.  Your thoughts?


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