Guest Post: It's All In How You Say It - By Nick Sportscaster

I’m an introvert that plays an extrovert on TV. My biggest fear when I get the “ready” cue from our director is that viewers will be able to hear my heart beating out of my chest.

But, in all honesty, when the red light goes on I couldn’t feel more comfortable.

I love what I do.

My philosophy is that no matter how big or small a story, I know it matters to someone out there and I treat it as such. I’m very passionate about what I do, and I want viewers to know that I care about matters to them.

With that, one of the things I feel that wasn’t emphasized enough during college was the difference “reading” and “delivering.”

I try to review air checks from all the shows I anchor and report in at the end of each week.

It gives me a chance to learn when I missed the mark, where I over emphasized and when I made my point.

Anybody can read. The important thing to remember in sportscasting is that it’s not about reading. It’s about delivery.

Whether for a vo/sot or highlights, there is always a way to amplify and enhance what you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be something over the top but you don’t want to jumble it all together and lose the message.

This past week, in reviewing an air check, I realized I completely missed the point in my copy regarding a local basketball team that is off to a 17-0 start, tied for the best start in school history.

My script read: “The last time they were 17-0 was back in 1996.”

I read through it like I was reading “See Spot. See Spot run.”

There wasn’t much to it. It was bland. I was disappointed. I felt like I not only let the team down, but the town that packs into the gym to watch them play.

There’s a hand full of ways to make that statement pop.

The last time they were 17-0 was back in 1996 (with the emphasis obviously on last).

I could have also thrown in a question mark to spike the curiosity of viewers, and emphasized the year to really bring home my point.

The last time they were 17-0? 1-9-9-6 (that’s a bad attempt at me trying to drag out saying 1996, but I hope you get the point).

The thing to remember with vo/sots, readers and packages is not to just plow through copy.

Deliver it.

Nick - Television Sports Anchor

"There is no script to sports and just when you think you know what's going to happen (in the words of John Madden) "BOOM!" You're mind gets blown and your left wondering," did that really just happen?""