Horrendous NBA Broadcasting

Want to see an NBA broadcaster get fooled?  I mean, really fooled. 
This was from the Piston's 96-95 win over the Wizards last week. Comcast SportsNet's Steve Buckhantz was fooled so badly, it's funny.....

I'll give Buckhantz a little credit, though.  He eventually showed a sense of humor.

“The dagger has been retracted,” Buckhantz said with a laugh.

George Blaha and Greg Kelser of Fox Sports Detroit were only slightly better.

Let's give credit to Kelser for quickly realizing what happened, and for making the point without completely embarrassing Blaha.
TV broadcasters have to keep an eye on the monitor, BUT they must not be so focused on the screen that they cannot see what is transpiring right in front of them!

Getting fooled for a split second makes you human. Being thrown off for almost a minute is almost inexcusable for a TV broadcaster.  And if it really was because they are perched "up in the rafters", get the broadcasters a better seat!
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