Don't Be An Amateur Broadcaster

Amateur broadcasters think people tune in to hear them on the air.
Professional broadcasters know fans tune in for the game.

Amateur broadcasters think talent is the most important ingredient to their success.
Professional broadcasters know talent is nothing without passion and hard work.

Amateur broadcasters think sports broadcasting leads to a glamorous life.
Professional sportscasters know that there is no guarantee of a glamorous life.

Amateur sports broadcasters expect to hit the big time shortly after graduating college.
Professional sportscasters are prepared to work for little or no money during, or even after, college.
Amateur sportscasters think they know it all.
Professional sports broadcasters know they will never know it all.

Amateur broadcasters think the big-timers won’t help them.
Professional broadcasters help others because they were once helped.

Amateur sportscasters show up to work hard on the air.
Professional sportscasters work hard and then show up to broadcast.

Amateur sports broadcasters clock in and out with complacency. 
Professional sports broadcasters are always reading, learning and improving.

 Which are you? 

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