Bus Ride Fiasco

It's amazing that minor league ball teams aren't involved in more accidents.  I recall a couple years ago, a relatively minor accident where a team bus hit a truck and guardrail during an overnight trip. Some of the tweets from the players brought back some crazy minor league memories......

I was once on a bus with a team as we departed for a long, daytime trip. Not even a mile from the park, we watch a tractor trailer collide with another vehicle right in front of us. The driver was knocked unconscious.

I also recall the middle-of-the-night wakeup when our bus just missed being slammed by a passing train at a railroad crossing. Or the time the axles on the left side of the bus busted and we cruised into town with the bus tilted to the left. We looked like a circus act coming to town. The bus was tilted about a foot, and the driver later told me we could have tipped over quite easily.

I’ve heard of players finding snakes next to their bus, and seen players sleep inside the small, overhead compartments. I’ve seen fistfights onboard, as well as bleary-eyed, beer-filled celebrations. One time my broadcast colleague had to sit up front, talking to the driver, so he wouldn't fall asleep.

Stay in this game long enough and you’ll see just about anything on that bus. How glamorous it is.