Absolutely Amazing!

I cringe every time I hear a broadcaster speak in absolute terms. Because one thing is for sure – things can absolutely change.

What do I mean?

How often do you hear a sportscaster say something like:

“That was the most amazing catch I’ve ever seen!”

“This is the best team ever!”

“They will never come back from this deficit.”

“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

When using words and phrases that are so absolute in nature, you leave yourself no wiggle room. You need some room to adapt and adjust. The “most amazing catch you’ve ever seen.” Perhaps 20 years ago you saw one even more magnificent, even if you can’t recall it off the top of your head. Use caution when speaking in these absolute terms. At times they may be appropriate. More often than not, they aren’t.

As a broadcaster, language has meaning. Take care when using words such as most, best, worst, never, etc. In the dynamic world of sportscasting, things change. Often. Always.

That much is absolutely true.