10 Great Things About Baseball 2012

R.A. Dickey - Starts the year with a telling, soul-filled memoir. Ends with a Cy Young and lucrative new location.

Baltimore Orioles - Like him or not, Buck Showalter was fabulous leading the surprise O's to a 93-69 regular season record and a wild card playoff spot

Superb Pitching - 7 no-hitter, 3 perfect games.  Especially from unexpected sources.

Bill Hamilton - Reds phenom minor leaguer, swiping a combined 155 bases at two levels

Vin Scully - Honored by a Dodgers bobblehead while calling his 63rd season for the organization

Hall of Fame Discussions - More focus on blocking the juicers from Cooperstown, at least for now

Miguel Cabrera - First Triple-Crown since 1967, amazing year for the AL MVP

San Francisco Giants - Stunning 4-game sweep of Detroit.  First NL team since 1919 to chuck consecutive World Series shutouts.  Fantastic performance by Bruce Bochy and the gang.

Los Angeles Dodgers Sale - As ugly as a bad reality show.  The drama finally ended.

Josh Hamilton - The ultimate story of redemption.  After personal combacks and a strong showing with Texas, now has $125 million reasons to love Los Angeles.

What would you add to the list?