Fun Fall Sports Reading

A quick update in anticipation of the new book "Untold Tales From The Bush Leagues". 
The new book includes amazing, funny and bizarre minor league baseball stories from the broadcasters who called the action!  EBook and paperback coming late 2012!
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Two books I also recommended this summer........

“Sports Talk, The Personality Behind The Personalities” - Brody, Rogan & Rhodes

Quick, compelling profiles of some of the biggest names in sports talk. Colin Cowherd, Scott Ferrall, Joe Benigno, and many more national names you’ll know. The authors were given up-close, backstage access to really get to know these guys. I learned a great deal about what makes them tick, where they came from and how they operate. Fun, revealing reading. No holds barred, so be prepared for the raw truth about this industry.

“Root For The Home Team, Minor League Baseball’s Most Off-The-Wall Team Names and the Stories Behind Them” – Tim Hagerty

Some great stories about minor league team names and the strange, humorous and interesting stories behind them. Very well researched by a veteran baseball announcer. Great gift for kids and fans of all ages.

No, I don’t get paid for promoting these two books. I’ve just read them and also given them as gifts. Fun reading for sports fans of all ages.